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Aug 22, 2014 at 12:00 AM

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Designed for the advanced collector who needs to track the value of his collection

To celebrate the 20th Anniversary of the Australian Pictorial Stamp Organiser, we have given our products a fresh new look. Commencing in 1994, the original product had less than 2000 entries and cost $80.  The 2014 edition has over 11000 entries with a much expanded data on each stamp release and now costs $40.  The update price still costs only $30 and need not be taken every year.

Did you know that your licence for our products cover all your family resident at your address?  They may be installed in all computers used by your family.

If you wish to use a voucher for your free update of an Australian Pictorial Computer Stamp Organiser, contact us to

A free demonstration version can be downloaded free of charge from here.

The Australian Pictorial Computer Stamp Catalogue 2014 Edition has all of the data of its Organiser counterpart but does not have the inventory system.  Priced at $20, it has proven to be popular with collectors who do not want a detailed listing of their collections. It does, however, allow you to generate a wants list - useful for when you visit your favourite dealer or stamp show.

A free demonstration version can be downloaded from here.

For the advanced colllector who does not need to track his/her collection's value
Our entry level product for the novice colector The Australian Pictorial Computer Simplified Stamp Collector is designed for the novice collector who collects the basic stamps, FDC, blocks of 4, stamp packs, minisheets and maximum cards.  It does not include booklets, PNC or varieties such as papers, perfs and self adhesive stamps.

It does include the ability to generate wants lists.  It is priced at only $15 and is designed to be the basie entry product to our range.

Our Australia (only) or Australia and Territories Stamp Catalogues and Organisers are suitable for the more advanced collector.

The Australian Territories Pictorial Stamp Catalogue 2014 Edition for only $15! and the Australian Territories Pictorial Stamp Organiser 2014 Edition.

Have a look at our Papua New Guinea Pictorial Computer Stamp Organiser 2012 edition. Includes latest issues up to August 2012.

Have a look at our flagship products - the Australia and Territories Stamp Organiser and the Australia and Territories Stamp Catalogue.   Prices have been set at $60 for the Organiser and $30 for the Catalogue.

As well as the full Australian data you normally receive, we are including:

Australian Antarctic Territory
Christmas Island
Cocos Island
Norfolk Island
Preindepence Nauru
Preindependence Papua New Guinea

Australia & Territories PSO

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